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Local News & BATS!!

I hope you are enjoying Spring and planning some wonderful summer holidays!  I wanted to share with you a handful of fun local events and some real estate/homeowner information you may find useful.


Seafood Festivals, Boat Regattas, Film Festivals, Winefests, Adult Easter Egg Hunts and MORE!!!  Check out the TOP 10 EVENTS THIS WEEKEND in our wonderful Sarasota County! MS&C wrote a blog about the fantastic Culture & Arts of Sarasota last week.  We are very lucky to have so many talented people here.  Get out there to support and enjoy the fantastic events our community has to offer!


From our wonderful friend, Jan Pitchford, at Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick – here is some great information about bats and how they can affect your home.

Home inspections can reveal many interesting facts (such as the grow room in the attic as discussed a few weeks back).  There is no telling what can be hiding up in a Florida attic.  One such gem is the common bat.  Most bats found in Florida attics are insectivorous (only eat insects).  Nonetheless, there have been sightings in Florida (mostly in the Florida Keys) of the Jamaican Fruit-Eating Bat. 

The main issue is the process and the timing of the removal of the bats.  In Florida, the only proper way to remove bats from a home or building is by “exclusion”.  “Exclusion” is a multi-step process that involves identifying every potential bat entry and exit point and then one-way exit mechanisms (tubing or netting) are installed to allow the bats to leave the home, but not to re-enter. The sealing of entry points must take place during the day.    After a period of time, all potential bat entry points are permanently sealed in order to prevent the re-entry into the home by the bats.    The exclusion process is based upon very detailed instructions from the Florida Bat Conservancy, Bat Conservation International (“BCI”), Bat Conservation and Management and Fly by Night, Inc.,   The phone number for BCI is 1-800-538-BATS and their website address is

Once all the bats have been sealed out of the home, the clean-up of the guano can take place. All of the guano must be properly shoveled, vacuumed and placed in sealed bags. The surfaces of the attic floor and walls must be scrubbed with enzyme based cleansers.  Sometimes an atomizing mist machine that disperses a fog of enzyme-based hazardous waste cleanser is also used.  This method can help eliminate pheromones from the bats that could attract other pests to the area.

Now for the bad news…

IT IS ILLEGAL TO EXCLUDE OR REMOVE BATS DURING MATERNITY SEASON – which is April 16 through August 14 of each year.

Poison, relocations and fumigants are illegal and ineffective on Florida bats. The only legal and appropriate method in Florida for removing bats is the “exclusion” method (which is, as mentioned, is illegal from April 16-August 14).  As a result, if you have listings where the homeowners have seen bats in their neighborhood, by all means have the attic inspected now for bats and have them invest in a bat house.   Home Depot sells a bat house kit that is designed for an eight year old to assemble for $9.99 and Amazon Prime can deliver a lovely bat home that houses up to 20 bats for less than $40.00.

Click here, for more detailed information on this topic.

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