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Sarasota’s Performing and Visual Arts

Sarasota is known for it’s rich artistic culture.  Whether it’s museums, venues, or art galleries you want to explore, there are multiple options to choose from!  One of the best aspects of the artistic culture here is the number of local artists who live in Sarasota.  Many are highly talented with unique styles and techniques.  For example, Tim Jaeger and Gay Germain are two local artists with amazing creations that are truly works of art!  You must visit their websites to fully appreciate the scope of their work, the emotions their pieces generate, and their unique styles!  Just click on their names and enjoy….









Gay Germain

Gay Germain
















Tim Jaeger

Tim Jaeger

There are so many great events, shows, and concerts going on in Sarasota, that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what is coming up! Here is a great calendar which shows you day by day what is happening at multiple venues so that you can plan ahead. Ragtime is in full swing at the Asolo through May 27th. Check out the sneak peek video!  It’s an amazing rendition of the original Broadway show with a powerful and emotional delivery.



Linda Driggs

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