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Memorial Day – a day to REMEMBER!

Memorial Day is next Monday!  When you hear that, what do you think?  Does your first thought go to planning a three day weekend?  Maybe some great sales at stores?  Time to fire up the grill, dust off the boat, and get some sand between your toes?  Looking forward to not working and no school?  While all of these thoughts are totally natural and part of celebrating Memorial Day, I challenge you to do one thing to honor the true meaning of the holiday.  Honoring those men and women who gave their lives in order to give us the freedoms we have today.  Often confused with Veteran’s Day, this holiday distinctly honors those who gave their lives for our Country.  Teach your kids the true meaning and take a moment to be grateful.  Fly a flag, visit a memorial, or attend a parade or concert to honor those brave Americans. Certainly, still enjoy your three day weekend by all means! Go out and have fun! Celebrate with friends and loved ones and enjoy life!  Just please do so with a grateful heart.

Here are some great Memorial Day ideas for you and your families in Sarasota and Bradenton.


Linda Driggs

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