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Bird Key is a captivating island located on the Sarasota Bay. Surrounded by water and connected to the mainland via bridge, the well developed and beautiful island exists between mainland Sarasota and St. Armands Key. Living in Bird Key can be quite an experience. Many of the homes here have direct views of the sea or waterfront in their backyards. Residents can also keep their boats here. Considering the consistently pleasant weather that surrounds the Sarasota Bay, residing in Bird Key would be similar to living at a personal island resort year round while also being given the opportunity to travel to downtown Sarasota whenever you feel like being in a bigger, busier city.

Bird Key's Storied History

Bird Key Island was never very large. It started out as simply a small patch of land that rose a few feet above sea level at the start of the last century. On it were only flat fields of grass.

However, in 1911, Thomas Martin Worcester of Cincinnati decided that this island  would be the perfect place to build and establish a key. Worcester initiated his plan by dredging a channel that would lead from the grass lands to his dock. With the material he obtained as a result of the dredging, he started to raise the sea level of the island by depositing it on the low lands. In 1906, Worcester purchased the island which was twelve acres in size.

A few seasons passed and he started the construction process. Unfortunately, his wife, Davie Lindsay Worcester, passed away in 1912, unable to see the work that her husband completed, which she used to call a “labor of love.”

The purpose Worcester had for constructing a plan for and purchasing this land was to recreate the Edzell Castle, which was the ancestral home of his wife, Davie Lindsay Worcester. Two years after her disappearance in 1914, the New Edzell was officially inaugurated, claiming the status of one of the most technologically evolved and spectacular buildings at the time.

It has electrical and gas lights, accompanied by both cold and hot water in every room. However, Worcester left Sarasota only a few years later. In the early 1920’s, John Ringling purchased Bird Key and several other keys. This was a successful choice, seeing as he invested in the island during the land boom of Florida.

The beautiful mansion built by Worcester became the home of John Ringling’s sister, Ida Ringling North, until she passed away in 1950. Bird Key began to evolve significantly in 1959, when Arvida Realty Inc. bought the holdings owned by Ringling Interests on the key. Arvida Realty Inc. made large investments in the island and planned to make Bird Key a beautiful and luxurious place for people to live.

Bird Key in Present Days

For about 50 years, Arvida Realty Inc. stayed invested in making Bird Key one of the most beautiful and prestigious residential areas on the west coast of Florida.

Bird Key has one the most elegant and luxurious settings in Sarasota. Additionally, it is located only minutes away from downtown Sarasota, large shopping centers, restaurants, and the notoriously breathtaking Sarasota beaches. Also, due to a well developed network of canals, almost one third of the houses in Bird Key have their own backyard docks, where boats and yachts can be stationed.

The island neighborhood is famous due to the absence of  enterprises and commercial spaces or condo buildings. Bird Key is comprised only of exquisite and elegant homes.

The elite members of Sarasota are known to live here, either in newly built homes or in previously established homes that have been rehabilitated, preserving the authentic architecture of Florida.

This island paradise is tied to the mainland through a beautiful bridge overlooking the key. The bridge is not only an access way for cars, but also provides a path for jogging and biking.

What to do in Bird Key

Within minutes of Bird Key is the mangrove forest. People commonly enjoy boating or canoeing here to explore the tropical surroundings. Bird Key was the decided name of this island because of the many species of birds that live here. The mangroves provide food and shelter for these birds.

For someone who enjoys bird watching, the mangrove forest will be quite an unforgettable experience. Boating on the key is another way people choose to spend time here.

Here in Bird Key, seeing boats and yachts close to residents’ homes is quite common, as this is part of the area’s lifestyle. In fact, there is a private Yacht Club in Bird Key, where yacht owners gather together for various social activities and fine dining.

Golf is another outdoor activity that is much appreciated in Bird Key. Beautiful golf courses are available in this community for residents to spend time at in a relaxing manner.

Also, the notoriously beautiful Sarasota beaches are very close by. If your home has a dock, seeing manatees swimming and playing near your home at sunset will be a regular occurrence to enjoy as you unwind and prepare to end another beautiful day.

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