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Learn About Lakewood Ranch

Lakewood Ranch is a gorgeous master planned community that is located in the Manatee County, in Florida. Back in the days, there used to be a timber ranch in this area, owned by the Uihlein family, from Milwaukee.

So, the community was partially made on this old ranch, which shows from where it got its name. Seven villages were planned and created here from scratch, more than 19,800 people living here in present times.

The area is simply stunning. Numerous lakes appear from place to place in the background, palm trees decorate both the villages and their surroundings, everything being built by respecting the latest standards. It is a dream living here, this community offering everything you need for a beautiful and peaceful lifestyle.

As mentioned before, the area where he Lakewood Ranch community lies today was once the timber ranch of a very rich family. The Uihlein family, from Milwaukee, had the famous Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company, which made the Schlitz beer in the early 1900s.

The Lakewood Ranch was a master-planned community, which means that there were not settlements in the area at the moment, local authorities coming up with the plan to make the area settled by building a community in the place of the old ranch.

The entire surface of the Lakewood Ranch is 8,500 acres or 3,400 ha and the construction of the new community started in 1995. So yes, the community is a rather young one, which explains why everything about it is new and highly organized.

The community started out only with one neighborhood in 1995, called the Summerfield neighborhood. As the area slowly developed, as more and more people moved in and roads started to be built to make the connections with this are more facile, the master-plan for this community also arrived.

No less than seven villages or neighborhoods were made here, transforming the Lakewood Ranch into a real city, where life unrolls just as in the same manner as in any other cities.

Lakewood Ranch today

In time, the Lakewood Ranch community grew a lot, as an increasing number of people started to be attracted by the idea of living in one of its neighborhoods. Because the area is so beautiful and there are all the facilities needed for a modern and comfortable life, it is easy to understand why so many people came here in such a short notice. For instance, on the Main Street, which is the downtown of Lakewood Ranch, you will find shops, restaurants, and events venues. Also, in 2014, the University Town Center mall was opened in the area. There are also numerous public schools throughout the neighborhood, together with a few private schools as well, colleges, and also a vocational school. So, the Lakewood Ranch is more than just perfect for young families or families with children, because the community can offer everything these families need for a great lifestyle. In fact, you may love the degree of exclusivity living in such a community will give you, knowing that there aren’t many other communities that look this way and offer similar conditions.

Things to do in Lakewood Ranch


Esplanade Golf & Country Club

For the people that are more experienced in playing golf and enjoy the facilities offered by a country club, this place will offer exactly this. You will be impressed by the great condition of the gold course, some stating that this is probably the best in the entire Sarasota region, plus the staff members are extremely friendly.

Sarasota Polo at Lakewood Ranch

Lakewood Ranch is the best place to enjoy a great game of polo and enjoy a picnic meanwhile. People usually gather here for tailgating with their friends, enjoy the lovely weather and surroundings, and have fun by having snacks and watching polo. If you are looking for a way to spend your Saturday afternoon, this can definitely be a possibility.

Esplanade Golf & Country Club

Are you into sports? Then you have to visit the Premier Sports Campus. It is a great place where you can exercise by doing some sports. Lacrosse tournaments are often held here, the campus having about 15 lacrosse fields to enjoy. There are also very many soccer fields as well, so don’t hesitate to come here if you like to play ball. Also, the parking lot is extremely large, allowing hundreds of cars to park near the campus, so you won’t have any trouble finding a place to park.

2nd Ann Rose

This is a consignment boutique that is much appreciated in the area. A wide range of products can be found here, from clothing items to accessories, like handbags, jewelry, and shoes, items for your house, and many more. The best part is that you can consign items that you have as well, which are in good shape and you no longer need, if you want to get some value out of them. But if you are just a customer, this place will allow you to find great products at great prices.

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