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Longboat Key

Longboat Key is a large and beautiful community, half of it located in Manatee County, and the other half in Sarasota County. Longboat Key can be found on the island which has the same name.

This community started as only a patch of land that became incredibly well-developed and transformed into a modern and beautiful residential area.

All residents of Longboat Key have practically everything necessary for a comfortable and convenient life, all while being able to enjoy the benefits of visiting the breathtaking beaches every day.

Also, most homes in Longboat Key are accompanied by a convenient dock for stationing a boat.

Longboat Key's History

The origin of the community’s name is unknown. However, the theory most believe is that Longboat Key was named after the longboats used by the Spaniards who first discovered the state of Florida.

The local legend tells that the Spanish explorer, Juan Anasco, thought that the Native Americans who lived here were hostile. So, he and his team of explorers fled, leaving their longboats in the bayou. Juan Anasco was the scout of famous conquistador, Hernando De Soto, who came to the area searching for gold in 1538.

Although the area was discovered by the Spaniards, no one settled there until the 1800s. Thomas Mann, a Confederate soldier and carpenter, traveled here in 1888. He built a thatched hut in the northern part of the Key where he moved with his family.

In 1891, Mann received 144.47 acres of Longboat Key, which is today known as the Longbeach Village as a homestead grant. However, at the turn of the century, Mann sold his land in the Key for $500.

An established community developed in the 1900s, when 18 families settled in the north and middle parts of the Key, starting agriculture developments. There was a steamship built called “Mistletoe” that transported people to and from the island and shipped farming products.

Unfortunately, in 1921, a large hurricane swept over the island and destroyed most of the homes and farming. However, no hurricanes have hit Longboat Key since 1947, so life on the island flourished once again.

People continued to populate the area for 30 years after the hurricane in 1921. In 1955, the residents of Longboat Key voted for their community to be incorporated as a town.

Since then, Longboat Key has been a part of the Bradenton–Sarasota–Venice Metropolitan Statistical Area.


Longboat Key in Present Days

In 1959, the Avida Corporation changed the face of Longboat Key. The company bought the waterfront property found in the south part of the island and in the surrounding keys as well. Between the 1960’s and 1970’s, condominiums and golf courses were built here by Avida Corporation. These changes gave Longboat Key a more modernized image, which has been kept through the years and even today. Presently, the Longboat Key community has more than 7,000 residents. During peak season, more than 22,000 visitors travel to Longboat Key to see the island’s gorgeous beaches, breathtaking views, and pleasant weather.

What to do in Longboat Key

Take a Walk in the Community Park

Longboat Key is notorious for its natural aesthetic. Many residents here enjoy taking a walk in The Joan M. Durante Community Park here. The weather is almost always perfect and the nature is breathtaking.

The park is known for its lush green vegetation and soft fine sand on the beach. The park also has a romantic boardwalk where there is no sand. Joan M. Durante Community Park is home to many species of birds, making it a great place for birdwatching.

Take a Charter & Enjoy the area

Renting a boat for a day out on the water is a common activity for the residents here in Longboat Key. There are elegant charters in the area that provide all the necessities required to have a lovely day out on the sea.

There are few things more relaxing than basking in the sun, walking on the beach, and watching the local wildlife roam.

Enjoy a Game of Golf

Golf is one of the other popular activities of Longboat Key residents. There are several golf courses in this community.

Islandside Golf Club has one of the best golf courses on the island and a wide variety of bird species. This particular course is located adjacent to the beach. The view is both relaxing and captivating.

Spend Relaxing Time at the Beach

Longboat Key is the perfect destination for anyone looking to live by Florida’s notoriously beautiful beaches.

Coquina Beach is one of the popular beaches in the area. It is very large with fine restaurants located nearby, and the views are simply stunning.

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