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Learn About Osprey

Osprey is a lovely community in Sarasota County with beautiful neighborhoods and residential areas, plenty of green scenery to enjoy, and a long strand of fine sand that allows residents the possibility of relaxing out in the sun every day. Osprey is part of the Bradenton–Sarasota–Venice Metropolitan Statistical Area. The city is not very large in comparison to other cities in Sarasota. However, Osprey is very unique. Although the community appears to be modern and recently-built, its history goes back to the times of Native American tribes who once appreciated the convenient location of this patch of land. The land began to attract others as well in time, until the area eventually developed into the gorgeous community we know today.



The history of Osprey travels back as far as pre-historic times. Evidence has been found that supports the theory that the area was inhabited as early as 3000 BCE. This location, known today as the Historic Spanish Point, was the area most densely inhabited by the Native Americans.

The early inhabitants built small villages along the shoreline. The water that provided sufficient food and the pleasant weather caused them to build permanent homes here.

A common burial ground found here much later proved that a real community was living in Osprey’s Spanish Point. Jewelry and pottery were found with the remains of the deceased, as it was common for Native Americans to bury their loved ones with objects such as these.

However, Osprey would not be what it exists as today without the contribution of Bertha Palmer. Bertha Palmer, who was the widow of a multimillionaire, saw great opportunities in the Sarasota area that caused her to move here. She purchased large pieces land both in Sarasota and Osprey.

She became the most prominent land owner in the area. Initially, Palmer planned to make this land a cattle ranch, but over the years, it developed into the beautiful community that exists here today. Bertha Palmer previously resided in Webb Estates, as it was once called.

Webb Estates was a gorgeous property of 350 acres with gorgeous gardens. The heirs of Palmer decided to donate 30 acres of the family’s land to this community, known today as the Historic Spanish Point. Here, one can see fragments of the area’s history.

Some from pre-historic times and from the pioneers that changed the face of Osprey, progressively transforming it into the gorgeous residential community it exists as today.

Osprey In Present Days

The Osprey residential area is comprised of a few neighborhoods, all of them with stunning homes and properties scattered along the shoreline. This community is considered the wealthiest in Sarasota County. Its residents have some of the highest income per capita in the region.

Osprey is considered a luxury location by people who relish privacy, peace, and beauty. Beside the existing neighborhoods in Osprey, a new one is just beginning to emerge. There has recently been an increased interest in residing here. The Bay Street Village is the newest addition to this community.

The purpose of building it was to further develop the beautiful area by adding 500 new residential spaces including condos and lofts. New restaurants, shops, and even a library are new to Osprey’s community. Residents in the community have quick and easy access to Sarasota Bay, Nokomis Beach, Venice, and many more sought after destinations.

Osprey Harbor

What to do in Osprey


Visit Spanish Point

Visiting the Historic Spanish point is a must when in Osprey. The site is 30 acres of land that not only provides historic vestiges, but also offers the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant walk while enjoying the scenery.

A tour guide will teach visitors interesting information about Osprey’s history and previous life in the community.

Take a walk through Osca Scherer State Park

Although Osprey is a well-developed residential area, there are still places here that preserve nature’s beauty, untouched. Oscar Scherer State Park allows the perfect opportunity to spend some time outdoors while enjoying the local wildlife and lush forests.

Visitors can easily hike, bike, and even camp here. The park is the perfect place to escape the busy urban lifestyle. For someone who enjoys nature and bird watching, Oscar Scherer State Park is a must-see.

Some of the birds here are rather friendly and aren’t afraid to get close to people. Because nothing ever threatens them or disturbs their peace here, they’re quite curious about visitors.

Boat Chartering

Take a charter and enjoy a day on the water

The best part about living near a waterfront here is the opportunity to rent out a boat and enjoy a relaxing day on water. Because the weather in Osprey is almost always warm and sunny, these activities are easy to enjoy year round.

Elegant charters can be rented for such trips, so spoiling yourself and your family with a boat trip at sunset when the breeze is perfect and nature puts on a show is quite an attainable activity.

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