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Learn About Palmer Ranch

Palmer Ranch is an alluring community in Sarasota, Florida that is appreciated most by people who are looking for a quiet and beautiful neighborhood to live in. The area is surrounded by green landscape and vegetation,  many small lakes, and plenty of spaces to enjoy outdoor activities. The properties available here are quite diverse. One can expect to find accessible homes to luxurious estates. Finding a place that fits your personal taste and budget will be a feasible task. This community is located in the beautiful, well developed city of Sarasota, but is secluded from all of the hustle and bustle. Palmer Ranch can be your personal oasis of peace and tranquility where you can retreat to and relax after a long day. 

Establishing and developing this community was the vision of a woman named Bertha Palmer. Before Bertha Palmer arrived in the area, what we now know as Palmer Ranch was only land covered by grass and palm trees.

Bertha Palmer was the widow of a multimillionaire who fell in love with Sarasota after seeing an advertisement of the city in the newspaper.

She purchased 80,000 acres of land and thus became the most substantial landowner in the history of the city. Bertha Palmer also had many social connections.

This helped her to start a community without much struggle. She soon managed to create a small community of more than 800 people.

Bertha Palmer’s initial plan did not include the creation of a residential area. She planned to use the land she had purchased to start a cattle farm and to grow orange groves.

Still today, there are cattle grazing the outskirts of the community; a remainder of the early history of Palmer Ranch.

Bertha Palmer brought not only a cattle farm to the community, but new farming methods as well. The farming methods brought to Sarasota by Palmer included solutions to existing agricultural problems.

The area had a large problem with cattle ticks. Palmer was the first to “dip” her cattle as a means of eradicating the tick problem.

Her method worked tremendously and became increasingly popular among other farmers in the area. This process became so efficient and widely used that it was introduced as a law in 1942 as a preventive measure for cattle ticks.

Bertha Palmer spent eight years in Sarasota before she passed away. Her memory and presence can still be felt in Palmer Ranch, even today, as there are streets that bear her name and maiden name.

The once small cattle ranch evolved into beautiful residential community. Palmer Ranch began as a single neighborhood and has since become a large, beautiful community.

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Palmer Ranch in Present Days

Today, Palmer Ranch has no less than 20 different neighborhoods. This community was created to accommodate any type ofpreference and budget size. The diversity of properties available here have a vast range.

One can find small homes and even condos at very affordable prices or estates that are grand and luxurious. To live in Palmer Ranch and become a part of this beautiful community, all you have to do is find the best location to fit your tastes and needs. The options are endless.

Because Palmer Ranch was a master-planned community, everything is neatly organized. Various shops, restaurants, spaces for recreation and outdoor activities, and the best schools in the area are all in one single location. In other words, this community was created so that its residents would have everything they need conveniently located near to their homes.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t visit Sarasota each time you feel like it. The center of the city is not far from Palmer Ranch, so visiting the iconic Sarasota beaches or visiting the downtown area is a quick drive

What to do in Palmer Ranch

Golf is one of the most appreciated activities in Palmer Ranch to pass the time. People love to golf here. There are numerous golf courses in Sarasota. There are three gated golf communities in Palmer Ranch alone.

This allows the chance not only to practice golf in some of the best weather conditions year-round, but also to socialize and get involved with other activities with the other members of this community.

One of the most prestigious of the golf communities here is Prestancia, with its TPC Prestancia golf club. If you like outstanding services and exclusivity, you will feel right at home here.

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Rails to Trails

Walking trails are also quite common in Palmer Ranch, because the community was created in such a manner so that residents would have the opportunity to spend time outdoors and enjoy the lovely weather Sarasota has year round.

There are several trails that are great for walking, jogging, biking, and even rollerblading. One of these trails is called the “Legacy Trail,” which is actually the section of a very old railroad trail that helped people to travel to and from the country.

Only a fragment was kept as a historic vestige. It has been reconstructed so that people could enjoy it in a safe and comfortable manner.

Don't Forget!

Also, don’t forget: you live in Sarasota County, which means that you have close access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Siesta Key Beach is in close proximity to Palmer Ranch. When you feel like lounging in the sun and the sand and taking a swim, you can drive to the beach in no time.

Living here is like being able to visit a tropical beach full of wildlife in just a fifteen minute drive, while enjoying the modern facilities of a city back at home.

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